ZEMIC’s new vehicle emission diagnosis and dimension measuring solutions

Release time:2023-07-10 07:23

1. Emission diagnosis technology

Combustion-powered vehicles naturally tend to deteriorate with age and usage, and as a result, emission levels can rise significantly. Good maintenance is required to keep emission levels at or near design levels. Such maintenance is not always performed or performed properly. ZEMIC emission tester for petrol engine and diesel engine are important instruments to verify whether the emission of one vehicle is still qualified.

Exhaust Gas Analyzer



  1. Meet international standards (Gas Analyzer:ISO 3930 or OIML R99, Opacimeter: ISO 11614, European Standard ECE 24/03, EC Directive 96/96EC)
  2. Compact and portable design
  3. Integrated self-clean protection technology
  4. Accuracy up to 2%
  5. Supporting RS232
  6. Various optional accessories.

2. Dimension measuring technology

In many regions, regulations on the dimensions of commercial vehicles become very common. The purpose is to avoid the potential risks on road safety, traffic congestion and infrastructure. ZEMIC’s accurate measuring system will verify vehicles’ compliance with regulations and help operators gain maximum economic benefit legally.


  1. Accuracy up to +\-20mm;  2.Measuring in forward motion       3.  Throughput time less than 30s

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