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ZEMIC, as leading strain gauge supplier in worldwide, has produced more than one billion strain gauges for sensor manufacturing, consumer electronics, assets monitoring and stress testing in last decades.

14 2021-12
Strain Gauge Technical Specifications

ZEMIC offers strain gage with resistance that commonly used: 60 Ω, 120Ω,350Ω,500Ω,600Ω,650Ω,750Ω,1000Ω,1100Ω,2000Ω, etc.

12 2021-11
Strain Gauge Terminology And Introduction For Strain Gauge Materials

The main structure of the resistance strain gauge and the names of each part are shown in the figure:

12 2021-11
Strain Gauge Selection Method

In actual applications, the test or application conditions should be followed (application accuracy, environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, harsh environmental conditions,

12 2021-11
Variety and Code of Hairspring

Hairspring is a kind of elastic element, small size worm spring used to generate reaction torque, according to the purpose of hairspring, it can be divided into two categories:

10 2021-11
Basic Introduction of The Lifting Load Limiting Device

The lifting load limiting system is a safety device which avoid overload by sensing the lifting weight, as known as crane overload limiter or torque limiter

10 2021-11
BHB、BAM、BAB250℃ Strain Gauge Naming System

Special polyimide film backing with thin thickness, excellent moisture and heat resistance, moisture and heat stability ≤35PPM

08 2021-11
Material Characteristics of Gemstone

Ruby, Sapphire, and White Sapphire crystals are typical series of the corundum gems.

01 2021-11
Strain gauge compensation theory and method

Strain gauges are usually installed on a surface whether it is for stress analyses or sensor production, without any external forces applied to the surface. When environmental temperature changes, the resistance of the strain gauge changes accordingly.

01 2021-11
Compensation resistor designation and selection method

High accuracy transducers not only need high accuracy strain gauges to achieve their specifications but also need series compensation and adjustment resistors. ZEMICs R series compensation resistors is a kind of bondable adjustable compensation resistor. The resistors can be used to improve a transducers specifications like output sensitivity, temperature effect on sensitivity, zero output, zero output drift due to temperature and other technical specifications.