Release time:2024-03-28 01:07

With the Easy Shopper you can do your shopping without having to repack and wait at the cash register. Whilst shopping, you can put the products directly into your bag -and you don't have to take them out at the checkout. The Easy Shopper has even more advantages. The Easy Shopper is the fastest and easiest way of shopping and thus the most modern supermarket shopping trolley in the world!

With this innovative solution, Pentland Firth offers consumers a new supermarket experience where convenience comes first. The Easy Shopper is already being used in 35 locations. By the end of 2020, there will be at least 50.

This innovation offers many new possibilities and fits well with our slogan "We believe we make you stronger". With the integration of our force sensors, we make a direct contribution to creating new consumer experiences. This is why we are happy to support Pentland Firth, the developer of this smart supermarket trolley, with our knowledge and expertise in the field of force measurement.

Zemic Europe & Pentland Firth

  • Weighing sensors integrated in smart shopping trolley
  • Engineering and management of installation space
  • Integration of the appropriate connectors
  • Match of expertise weighing sensors & knowledge of retail and shopping behaviour

How Zemic Europe advised Pentland Firth

Weighing in a shopping trolley, in short, that was the aim of the project. After signing an NDA, Zemic Europe and Pentland Firth sat down together to discuss the project. First of all they determined which type of force sensor was most suitable for the application. Matters such as installation height, deflection, calibration, connection technology and accuracy were discussed.

An important point during this process was to shorten the installation time of the load cells. In the end the choice was made to deliver matched load cells. The output voltages of the 4 load cells are selected and 4 cells are grouped together, this simplifies the system calibration. This time saving process has directly led to considerable cost savings in the production process of the Easy Shopper.

Pentland Firth has used the knowledge and experience of Zemic Europe in the field of weighing and force measurement. They have successfully linked this knowledge to their knowledge of consumer shopping behaviour.

With the right selection of suppliers, Pentland Firth has succeeded in developing the smart shopping trolley Easy Shopper.


Benefits of the Easy Shopper

The benefits of the Easy Shopper are:

  • No more waiting at the cash register.
  • The articles can go straight from the shelf into the shopping bag.
  • Scanning of items is easy because the barcode scanner is built into the shopping trolley.
  • During shopping a complete overview of your shopping can be seen on an integrated display on the shopping trolley.
  • During shopping you can see the total value of the groceries on your screen.
  • Shopping lists can be shown on the display of the shopping trolley via the app on a phone.
  • This shopping trolley navigates visitors through the store and also shows all current offers and promotions on the display.

The L6D single point load cell used in the Easy Shopper

The L6D load cell has been selected as the best fitting component. This load cell has the following characteristics:

  • Aluminium-alloy IP65 single point load cell
  • Colourless anodized
  • Suitable for pricing scales, counting scales, bench scales, supermarket shelves, IoT devices, etc.
  • Maximum platform size: 250 x 350 mm
  • High accuracy; OIML approved C4.