Release time:2021-12-13 05:47

Together with the EBCC ( E-Bike competence center)  of the Accell Group, European marketleader of e-bikes (brandnames Batavus, Koga, Sparta), Zemic has developed a force sensor to measure the pedal force on electrical bikes.

  • Proto typing of force sensors
  • Mass production of force sensors for pedal force measurement.
  • Custom made products.
  • More than 250 engineers at Zemic.

Force of Cyclist Detected

The sensor detects how much force the user puts on the pedal. On basis of this measured force, the speed and the software settings the amount of support will be determined. The more force the user will put on the pedal, the more support the motor will deliver. The bicycle motor and software follows the user behavior on the pedals so an automatic support will be given.


Youngsters Discover Electrical Bikes

The electric bicycle has not been the exclusive domain of the elderly for some time now. Youngsters have also discovered the e-bike. More and more people are using the electric bicycle for the home/work run. It is a sustainable alternative to the car. No problems with congestion; you don’t need to fill up with petrol; no excessive parking charges. It is also good for your health and helps reduce CO2 emissions.

The electric bicycle is becoming more important in terms of bicycle shop turnover too. In 2006 just 1 in 35 bicycles sold were fitted with a battery. In 2014 around 1 in 5 bicycles that left the shop were electric bicycles. In total over 1.05 million new bicycles were sold in 2014. This included 223,000 e-bikes.


Force sensors by Zemic Europe

Zemic Europe is a center of competence in the area of designing and manufacturing of straingages, force sensors and miniature sensors. We have the production facility to accommodate small batches of sample pieces or to mass produce millions of miniature sensors.

Our miniature force sensors are used for measuring force or weight in many applications ranging from the medical industry to the leisure industry.