Release time:2021-12-13 07:33

Zuply makes life easier. Healthy meals at work any time of the day. The basic machines of Food Zuply contain lockers from which you can order food. Food Zuply is a brand from the company Innovend. The company Innovend focuses on innovative modular vending combined with remote management and EU payment protocols.

With this innovative solution Food Zuply responds to the growing demand of consumers to live a healthier life. Living a healthy life is not only possible at home but also at work. Until now the possibilities to continue this way of living at work were limited, however with the Food Zuply a healthy meal is available at work 24/7.

Being a part of this is for Zemic Europe a direct match with our vision and mission. Our slogan "we believe we make you stronger" matches the new possibilities of this unique innovation. We like to be a part of creating new outstanding consumer experiences and this is why we supported Food Zuply with our knowledge and expertise in the field of force measurement.

Zemic Europe & Zuply by Innovend

  • A fresh and healthy meal every hour of the day
  • Pick-up and direct selling possibility
  • To be connected via smart phone apps
  • Real time insights in stock, sales insights and remote control
  • Object identification system with installed load cells 

How Zemic consulted Food Zuply

The basic machines of Food Zuply, which are the Lockblox Breeze (locker) and Flex (dispenser), can be connected in various ways. Food Zuply developed the Lockblox Breeze together with Zemic Europe. This type is called LockBlox Breeze because the shelves also are equipped with cooling units. Food Zuply had the following question: how can we create a load shelf in the LockBlox application? The reasons for this need are various, but the most important one was driven by the market. How can we optimize the space we use from this LockBlox and how can we sell more products from the same space?

Zuply machines are modular and can be connected to each other in various combinations. The load shelf is an option for the LockBlox locker to dispense multiple items from one box. By using a load cell the contents of the locker are weighed and it is registered how many items are removed. For every product size a suitable box size is available. Besides this Food Zuply wanted to create a user friendly experience with a digital user interface with touchscreen. This lead into a fast, simple and registered check-out which can also be used for stock management and sales statistics.


About Food Zuply & how to select the right solution

All Zuply solutions are modular, so you are able to create the best setup to match your requirements. Regardless of size, shape and application, the machine always works in the same way.

How to choose the right set-up? As shown in the diagram below this process consists of 3 steps:

  • It all starts with defining the selection process; step 1. The Zuply system is operated through a touchscreen. In case of Food Zuply this can be a 10 or 22 inch touchscreen.Depending on the hardware chosen, you can select the following functionalities; registered dispense (FIFO), Click & Collect via webshop or a mobile app, order combi-deals, discount vouchers and ordering with Qnips mobile app. In this step you also determine how end users get access to the machine.
  • The second step is called "Dispense & Collect". The basic machines of Zuply can be assembled in various ways. Also the set-up of a machine is modular. In this step you can select the number of boxes and box sizes and if they need to be cooled. Also you determine how you can integrate the payment procedure in the machine.
  • The last step is called "Online Portal". In this step you determine which information you would like to receive from and send to the system. With the management tool "Zuply Web" you can manage all product information such as description and images on the display. You can also adjust and activate prices. The reporting tool gives you insight in transactions, sales statistics, dispensing operations and stock insights. The machine can also be serviced and updated remotely.

Schematically this process looks like this:

Award winning object identification systems integrated for load shelves

Object Identification Systems are used to identify the weight information and weight change information of a single commodity in the cabinet or shelf. These systems can be applied for stock management in different environments, like the retail industry, warehouses and farms. The system can determine which and how many products are taken from a shelf or out of a vending machine.


Product specification:

  • Smart loadcell with RS422 output signal, Colourless anodized, Aluminium cross platform.
  • Platform size: 144 x 4000 mm.