Release time:2021-12-13 06:51

Team Phidippides will battle against 230 other  universities from all over the World at the Shell Eco marathon 2017 in London.

During this marathon the participants will drive as far as possible, on 1 liter of fuel, in highly developed cars to see who has made the most efficient and durable car.

The team has developed a roller bench to make a simulation of the track. In this way they can test the efficiency of new components and the car.

To measure the force on this bench Team Phidippides made contact with Zemic Europe. With our H3 S-type load cell we managed to make a perfect solution.

Zemic Europe and Team Phidippides

  • New method for brake measurement
  • Selected most efficient solution
  • High accuracy product
  • Zemic Europe, partner of Team Phidippides

How the H3 is used in the roller bench.

The power of the vehicle will be measured by a dynamo that will hang on bearings. The S-type load cell is integrated into the construction of the rollerbench.

All the braking forces that the dynamo will provide will be absorbed into the frame through the load cell. With the use of the load cell the braking force can be determined. These braking values will be connected to the electronical management system of the vehicle. In this way the most sufficient braking power can be calculated at every speed.

Team Phidippides will use this information, to know how to drive most efficiently during the race


About the H3 load cell

With our H3 load cell Team Phidipiddes made their rolling bench measurable:

  • - A nickel plated alloy steel tension and compression load cell.
  • - Suitable for hanging, hoppers and other weighing devices.
  • - With an IP value of 67.

More about the roller bench

The team has developed a roller bench to make a simulation of the track. With this bench they can test the efficiency of new components and systems in the cars and see where they can improve. Zemic was approached because we have the most efficient and accurate product for this bench.

With this rollerbench solution Team Phidippides does not have to go to the track every time to test the vehicle.


About Team Phidippides the Triga II and the Quadriga II

Team Phidippides has 2 vehicles which will attend the Shell Eco Marathon. The Triga II and the Quadriga II.

The Triga II is a tricycle. This vehicle participates in the prototype Hydrogen class. In this class all vehicles drive on hydrogen that will be converted into electricity.

In the class Urbanconcepts Battery-Electric the Quardiga II will participate. In this class the car has to look as much like a normal car as possible. It needs to have wipers, lights, a handbrake and much more.

This car is also propelled by electromotors but energy is taken from a battery.

If both vehicles would drive on 1 liter of normal gasoline the Triga II would drive 1268 km and the Quadriga 903 km!