ZEMIC Elevator Weighing Kit

Release time:2024-03-28 01:06

ZEMIC force sensors are widely used in many different fields due to diverse selection, high precision, quality assurance and customizability. A series of weighing solutions are developed using the ZEMIC force sensor as the core component. The ZEMIC elevator weighing kit which can be used for weight monitoring and warning is a new exploration. 

ZEMIC Load Cells in Elevator Weighing Kit


ZEMIC Elevator Load Cells Offer the Following Features

  • Aluminum IP65 load cells
  • High accuracy and sensitivity
  • Colorless anodized surface treatment increase durability
  • Available for measuring tension and pressure

1. Accurate Weighing

ZEMIC elevator weighing kit adopts L2 series spoke-type load cell. The closed structure of the load cell can resist the invasion of external objects to ensure the accuracy of elevator weighing, thereby protecting safety and extending the life of the elevator.

2. Overload Protection

ZEMIC spoke-type load cell adopts the shape of the outer ring fixed and the center of the ring stressed. When the force exceeds the rated load, the L2 spoke load cell can prevent the force from continuously increasing, making the load cell itself an overload protection device. It helps to resist the impact and loss caused by the overloading that often appears in elevators.

The elevator weighing kit consists of four load cells with each measuring range of 1000kg. The ultra-large capacity of 4000kg meets the needs of more people to use at the same time, while reducing the occurrence of elevator overload. This kit helps customers achieve long-term use with less capital investment.

Introduction to Elevator Weighing Kit


ZEMIC elevator weighing kit is a set of 4 load cells as core component, a junction box, an indicator, and corresponding accessories composed of a complete weighing solutions.

While monitoring the weight in the elevator cabin, the kit’s different weight gears trigger the corresponding relays to realize the protection function of no operation in low weight and warning in overload, which controls the safe operation of the elevator.

ZEMIC Elevator Weighing Kit Offers the Following Features

  • Pre-calibration for easy installation
  • Long warranty period and total life for long-term use
  • Widely applicable to passenger, cargo, and other customization elevators

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