Release time:2024-03-28 01:05

In the past five years, China's express delivery industry has been rapidly developing. The number of packages shipped has reached amazing 111 billion on 2022.

Before 2018, when parcel arrived at the logistics distribution center, it often took 3 days to complete parcel sorting on site before they could continue to be sent to the correct recipient. When holidays or promotion season come, the accumulated parcel require more time to leave the distribution center. This means that the consignee needs to wait longer, so the user experience will become very poor.

After the implementation of automation transformation, especially the use of the advanced sorting system,which is composed of DWS and Sorter, the parcel processing time of the logistics distribution center has been greatly reduced, and customer satisfaction has become very high.

ZEMIC DWS is an important equipment for parcel data capture, providing data support for the operations department and backend sorting equipment. Our DWS has reached a world leading level in terms of data types, efficiency, accuracy, quality, and other aspects. It is precisely this advantage that almost all express companies (3PL providers) in China and Southeast Asia are using our DWS equipment.

If you are interested in our ZEMIC DWS product, please feel free to contact us for details.