Release time:2024-03-28 01:06

China's 13th Five-Year Plan includes the challenging goal of “defending the blue sky”,which is closely related to gas emissions and environmental protection. For this goal, China issued a new mandatory VOCs standard in March 2020, limiting the VOCs content in coating, adhesives, inks and cleaning agents.

What are VOCs and their impact

VOCs is an abbreviation for volatile organic compounds. In a general sense,it refers to all volatile organic compounds. But the definition of VOCs in the environmental sense refers to a class of volatile organic compounds that can cause harm. At present, VOCs mainly come from combustion products such as coal and natural gas, production and use of industrial products, and human emissions. With the widespread use of industrial products, the harm and response of VOCs have become a hot concern. The hazards of VOCs are as follows:


Hazards to the atmospheric environment.

In industrial production and other fields, the common solvents and adhesive mainly include aliphatic compounds, halogenated compounds and aromatic compounds. If these organic compounds are volatilized into the atmospheric environment, they will cause serious pollution to the atmospheric environment.


Hazards to human health.

For example, benzene, which is often used as a solvent. When benzene volatilizes into the atmospheric environment as a solvent, it can not only be absorbed by the human skin, but also enter the human body through the respiratory system, causing chronic or acute poisoning.

Our solution to reduce VOCs content

ZEMIC has developed strain gage adhesives that comply with the mandatory VOCs standard (GB 33372-2020). These products have been used by world's top consumer electronics OEMs. At present, ZEMIC is the only manufacturer in the field of strain measurement and control and sensors that has successfully developed products that meets VOCs requirements.



ZEMIC engineer team can provide customers with timely support regarding to product, technology and quality. If you have any questions about VOCs compliance, please contact us.