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Many companies make use of transport by containers and trucks. What if the loading of    containers and trucks could be done much more efficiently?     


Actiw 's mission is to help companies do this.Actiwis one of the leading outbound            

logistics innovators and solution providers for automatic truck and container loading systems. They solve, optimize and automate outbound logistics, to improve the safety and productivity of industrial loading. One of the solutions they developed is the LoadPlate®. This is a semi-automated loading  machine for containers and regular, non-modified trucks. Companies use the LoadPlate®  for complex or long cargo, such as steel or lumber. 

LoadPlate® can increase loading capacity by 33% and it reduces energy consumption. It can load up to 30 tons of cargo. It is important that the weight of the load can be monitored properly. Therefore Actiw uses load cells and associated electronics.

As a partner in force measurement we are able to help and create value for our customers. We are glad that Actiw have chosen to cooperate with Zemic in this field, so we can contribute to more efficiency and safe container loading operations.


Zemic Europe & Actiw oy

  • Leading outbound logistics innovator 
  • Weighing expertise and logistics know-how
  • Efficiency and safety of container loading operations
  • Zemic weighing components meet the SOLAS regulationZemic

How Zemic Europe advised Actiw  Zemic

Zemic  Europe  is  proud to  be a  partner and  not just a supplier of components, we  help with

professional support and information in the field of force measurement. We also share knowledge through the blogs we write on our website. Earlier we wrote a blog about SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) regulation.

For their new solution Actiw needs to have products that comply with the SOLAS regulation. The main objective of the SOLAS Convention is to specify minimum standards for the construction, equipment  and  operation  of  ships,  compatible  with  their  safety.  The  International  Maritime Organisation (IMO) states that containers must have a verified weight before they are loaded onto a ship. Containers need to be weighed before they will be allowed on board.

While searching for information on SOLAS, Actiw came across our blog and they contacted us. Zemic offers several SOLAS weighing systems that allow you to determine the total container weight according to SOLAS regulations.

Actiw  explained to Zemic  about their  LoadPlate®  solution  and Zemic  advised them on which components were suitable. They needed four load cells for each LoadPlate®; one in each corner. Zemic advised the  H9C  load cell and for transmitting the data a Top-Sensors T1 with  Profinet communication. The weight information can then be read from the Top Sensors Display WA-1. These components meet the needed requirements and this combination works very well for the LoadPlate® of Actiw.


Which Zemic components does    Actiw use for the LoadPlate®?

Zemic Europe has selected the following components as most suitable for the LoadPlate® and meeting the SOLAS-requirements:

  • The H9C Nickel plated alloy steel dual shear beam load cell. This one is suitable for truck and track scales and other heavy weighing devices. Other characteristics are: high accuracy, IP67, OIML-approved, sealed construction.
  • Junction box JBSS for 4-wire load cells. This junction box has a stainless steel housing and facilitates the installation.
  • Top-Sensors T1 weight transmitter converts the signal and passes it on to an operating system, Profinet in this case (it is available for different operating systems).
  • Top-Sensors Display WA-1 on which the weighing output can be read.
  • H9C load cell
  • SOLAS weighing components

More about the Actiw LoadPlate®更多 Actiw LoadPlate®的相关信息

TheLoadPlate®is a semi-automated loading machine for containers and trucks. It is   especially suitable for loading complex cargo which is typically difficult to containerize, can be easily damaged or requires special shipping units. It ensures the efficiency and safety of your container loading operations.


Benefits of the LoadPlate®: 


Increase operational efficiency:

Automation eliminates unnecessary work  in load handling. A typical loading crew     has three members, whereas LoadPlate® can be run by a single operator.


Improve work safety:

When load handling involves manual work, there is a high risk to safety in each step.


Save on machinery investment:

LoadPlate® significantly reduces your fixed asset costs, replacing a fleet of forklifts with one loading machine.capacity by 33% compared with traditional loading. 

Prevent handling damage:

Eliminate damage to your products when loading them into trucks or containers. A  reliable automatic loading solution keeps your products intact and your end  customers satisfied.


Increase loading capacity:

When filling long goods or special cargo, LoadPlate® can increase total handling.When you automate the process, you reduce that risk.


Boost eco-efficiency:

LoadPlate® generates additional savings    by reducing energy consumption. It runs on electricity instead of diesel oil, eliminating    harmful emissions.