Robotics Research Center, Joint Laboratory Of Machine Vision And Intelligent Recognition Have Been Established

Release time:2021-04-14 06:53

Recently, ZEMIC Intelligent Measurement Equipment Division and Xi'an Jiaotong University jointly established "Xi'an Jiaotong University – ZEMIC Robotics Research Center" to develop production and research cooperation in welding robots and construction robots. Together with Northwestern Polytechnical University, established “Northwestern Polytechnic University - ZEMIC Machine Vision and Intelligent Identification Joint Laboratory ", to develop research cooperation in the micro-level image acquisition and computer processing algorithms. At the same time, ZEMIC Intelligent Measurement Equipment Division has passed the audit became the Shaanxi Provincial Automation Association governing units, to participate in the creation of the Chinese Association of Automation Building Machinery Professional Committee.

ZEMIC Intelligent Measurement Equipment Division is mainly engaged in custom automation equipment and the traditional industrial automation transformation of the production line, relying on the company in the field of aviation and military technology accumulated over the years in the field of automatic control and sensor measurement with the leading R & D and manufacturing level, has completed a number of major technical research and patent applications. The main research and development products include automatic welding robots, intelligent boosting robots, AOI automatic optical recognition equipment, automatic dispensing equipment and multi-station automated production lines. They have strong overall planned and customized R & D capabilities in the automation of traditional industrial production lines.