Basic Introduction of The Lifting Load Limiting Device

Release time:2021-11-10 08:24

1. Definition

The lifting load limiting system is a safety device which avoid overload by sensing the lifting weight, as known as crane overload limiter or torque limiter

The composition of the lifting load limiting system

Lifting load limiting system is generally composed of two parts: Strain gage based load cell and weighing control indicator. The load cell is used to detect the lifting weight while the weighing control indicator provides the corresponding control signal by judging the lifting weight


2. Structural features

The lifting load limiting system can work with the lifting machinery effectively without any threat to the equipment security. Meanwhile, it is reliable, easy maintenance and high accurate.


The common structures are Lateral Pressure type, Shaft pin type, Bearing block type, Fish back type, Plate and hole type, etc.


3. Inspection Regulation of Lifting Machinery Safety Technique

The "Inspection Regulation of Lifting Machinery Safety Technique for Bridge Crane" (TSG Q2002-2008, hereafter referred as Regulation) came into effect in 2008, which including the following requirements:


(1)The in-use bridge cranes which are produced and installed before 2008-07-31, should meet the requirement of the regulation by modification or replacement, except for the cranes which are working with molten metal that must comply with the regulation。


(2)The electric hoist in bridge cranes which are produced and installed after 2008-08-01, should be equipped with lifting load limitings ystem and overcurrent(overload) protection device, except the hoists which are working with molten metal or pneumatic and electric anti-explosion that must comply with the regulation before 2009-04-01.


5. Product series


Sensor structure

Suitable applications


Lateral Pressure Type

Engineering lifting equipment such as electric hoist, steel wire rope straight hoist, etc.


Lateral Pressure Type


Shaft pin type

Tower cranes, hoists, rack construction hoists, port machinery, chain hoists, and occasions where other types of sensors cannot be installed


Shaft pin type


Shaft pin type


Shaft pin type


Bearing blockt type

Bridge (gate) cranes, hoists, double lifting point cranes, main/auxiliary hook cranes, grab cranes and other occasions with bearing seat structure


Fish back (Fixed pulley) type

Large tonnage bridge (gate) crane


Plate ring type

Electric hoist, crawler crane, tower crane, etc.


Shear beam type

Small tonnage engineering lifting equipment


Stype (parallel beam type)


Pressure Sensor

Boom cranes and various equipment that need to measure hydraulic pressure