Variety and Code of Hairspring

Release time:2021-11-12 07:57

Hairspring is a kind of elastic element, small size worm spring used to generate reaction torque, according to the purpose of hairspring, it can be divided into two categories:


(1) Measuring hairspring: including conductive hairspring, electric measuring indicator hairspring, tachometer hairspring, etc. Conductive hairsprings and electric measuring indicating instrument hairsprings are mostly used in electric measuring instruments to establish reaction torque, and to use it to introduce current into the active system, and also to generate vibration systems in the timing mechanism. The tachometer hairspring is used to generate the reaction torque of the instrument's magnetic induction activity system.


(2) Contact hairspring: mostly used in mechanical instruments, such as pressure gauges, dial gauges, etc. These instruments use hairsprings to overcome all the frictional moments generated by the instrument mechanism during movement and eliminate the radial gap in the connection of the transmission mechanism.


Hairspring variety, code and mark

No. Variety name Variety name Code Remarks
1 Electric measuring indicating instrument hairspring. According to the function and installation requirements, the hairspring is generally divided into two types: hairspring and hairspring with copper seat. The hairspring and copper seat are divided into clockwise and counterclockwise structures D  
2 Mechanical instrument hairspring J Dichromate passivation
3 Conductive hairspring A Chromate passivation
4 Tachometer hairspring Z Chromate passivation
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