Release time:2023-09-12 02:59

ZEMIC, as leading strain gauge supplier in worldwide, has produced more than one billion strain gauges for sensor manufacturing, consumer electronics, assets monitoring and stress testing in last decades.

Since 1970s, the control of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) has become an important aspect of environmental protection, and societies around the world are increasing their regulation of these substances. Conventional strain gauge contain a large amount of Phenolic resin, which can easily produce VOCs including phenol and formaldehyde during production and use. The challenge we face is how to reduce the production of these substances and minimize their harm to society.

After nearly a decade of effort, as top strain gauge supplier in worldwide, ZEMIC have developed a new generation of strain gauge product - the Polyimide film strain gauge(BYM/ZYM/BYN/RNYN series). This product not only solves the problem of VOC hazards, but also significantly improves product quality and performance. In addition, the usage method remains consistent with Phenolic-based products. In this article, we will introduce the features of the new strain gauge.

1. Replacing Phenolic with Polyimide in Product Structure

The new strain gauge features a cover and a base made from Polyimide film material, replacing the original Phenolic base. Polyimide material has a very stable chemical property, and its manufacturing process is also very safe. This change completely eliminates the risk of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) being produced during the production and usage of the strain gauge.

Figure 1:material change in strain gage structure

2. Improvement in Product's Physical Tolerance

The new generation strain gauge have significant optimizations in their key mechanical properties, including heat resistance, moisture resistance, and tensile strength.

Table 1: old version and new version specification comparison


Strain gauge with Phenolic backing

Strain gauge with Polyimide film backing

Absorption of moisture(50℃)



Moist heat stability (50°C resistance change rate ppm)



Substrate shrinkage (150°C)



Backing elastic modulus



3. Enhancement in Product Application Performance

In addition to the improvements in tolerance, the new product has also been improved in certain application performances.

(1) Compared with Phenolic base, the strain gauge with a Polyimide base has a smaller thermal output change, which can help improve the temperature performance(mainly ZTC).

(2) Thanks to its own strong chemical stability, Polyimide backing enable plating copper or gold on soldering pads.

4. Slight Differences in Usage Method

The new strain gauge is completely identical to the old version in terms of adhesive selection, curing temperature, and operation process. The only difference is a slight adjustment in the parameters of the curing pressure process.


In summary, the new strain gauge product brings better performance and quality, and is more environmentally friendly. Therefore, we believe that the strain gauge with a Polyimide base will completely replace the strain gauge with a Phenolic base in a short period of time. At the same time, our production line will also complete the full switch to the new strain gauge by the end of October. This means that the strain gauge with a Phenolic base will soon be phased out.