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Electronic Circuit-Pcb Strain Test

release date:2016-11-21 22:32:55

(1) Issues

Board, testing, packaging, handling and a series of follow-up processing, there may be solder joint parts solder joint, fracture, ceramic capacitor fracture and other issues, resulting in poor product or customer returns. Causing serious economic losses and adverse effects on the business


(2) Reasons

a. The use of lead-free solder makes the welding position more fragile

b. Electronic circuit design defects

c. Product procedures or fixtures defects


(3) Solution

PCB large deformation caused by external force is the main reason leading to defects. The use of strain gauges in the PCB board throughout the production process for strain measurement, can effectively identify the PCB board process defects and provide a basis for improvement, is recognized as effective test method. The current PCB test is based on the standard "IPC_JEDEC-9704-2005_ printed circuit board strain test guide" by the United States IPC



(4) System composition 

1. PCB special strain gage

2. Data acquisition instrument



3. Analytic software


Before improvement


After improvement