Intelligent Equipments

Weighing Solution Supporting Suitcase Scanner

release date:2016-12-13 11:29:21

Summary:ZEMIC single point load cells and weight transmitters integrated in the Cabin Size Scanner for suitcases.


The traveler are willing to know the accepted weight and size of suitcase before registering for boarding in void of overweighing trouble.

With ZEMIC weighing solution support, our end customer has developed such cabin size scanner and started to install the Cabin Size Scanner in several stores in city centers and Airports.

The scanner helps traveler to select the right suitcase and weight that is accepted by the airline as hand or check-in luggage.

After putting your suitcase underneath the scanner, within seconds the screen shows if the dimension and the weight of the suitcase is inline with the guidelines of the airline. “It works fast and reliable and really provides assurance to the traveller” This is proven by the incredible usage of the CSS at the airport locations, usage logs has proven the CSS is being used 24/7, More locations will be equipped with the CSS in the coming months.

( The case is provided by ZEMIC Europe )