Company Profile


ZEMIC, Zhonghang Electronic Measuring Instruments Co., Ltd. (Stock Name: ZEMIC; Stock Code: 300114), is holding by Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC). ZEMIC is a diversified modern high-tech enterprise, specialized in electronic measuring instruments such as strain gages, strain gage based sensors, weighing indicators and software, testing and measuring system for aviation industry, automobile performance and environmental detection system, automobile driver intelligent training system, the remote networking regulatory network platform, on- board weighing control system, automatic system, precision mechanical and electrical control parts, the Internet of Things application and military and civilian use measurement and control products and system solution.

After more than 45 years developing, ZEMIC succeeded in achieving its’ IPO and was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange on 27th, August, 2010. Through many years rapid development, capitalized operation and structure adjustment, ZEMIC now has three holding subsidiaries, two overseas sales and service companies, two subsidiaries and three business divisions, forming group enterprises basing on force, electricity, optics, temperature, displacement, satellite position, image recognition and multiple parameter measurement, analysis and control of integrated development as the core technology and service support for global customers.

ZEMIC sticks to the principle of Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) ‘contribute to the nation with aviation industry, strengthen the military forces and enrich the people’, insisting on ‘take the customer as the center, with the contributors to this’ and ‘create value, continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence’ as culture values of ZEMIC. Under the guidance of strategy ‘excellent products in measuring field, offering for national defense and civil application, focus on quality improvement, system development, capital operation and internationalization, leads to stakeholders satisfied’, developing in the path of ‘connotative self-growth combined with merger and acquisition expansion’, ZEMIC dedicates on fulfilling the ideology of Measuring Excellence Worldwide, and becoming a top supplier in testing, measuring and controlling solution.